Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Crazy Adventures Start NOW

A bit of background:

After a 5 1/2 year courtship and an almost 12 year marriage you would think that I am used to the wild hairs we get from time to time. My husband and I seem to have something sitting on the backburner at all times simmering. It simmers and just waits for one of us to stir the pot a bit. It will begin to bubble and if someone doesn't turn down the heat then we are off on another grand adventure.

This time we both have stirred the pot, added a few spices, and no one is turning off the heat this time. The pot is bubbling over and we are getting excited about this adventure.

We will begin here at our home in Virginia where we have created a nice family and a nice happy life. With three kids in tow and a dog ever so excited for an adventure we are about to embark on the grandest and most life altering yet. Stay tuned for lots of planning, some frustrations I am sure, and some great happy times.

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