Saturday, September 5, 2009

Many Irons in the Fire

Right now we are at our river place. It is a 30 ft. Coachman travel trailer, 1993. It has no slide-outs, but we all fit, sort of. I can cook but have 3 inches of counter space. I have to put a cutting board over the sink for a total of one square foot of counter space. We have two bunks but three kids. One of our kids has to sleep on the j-couch.

We are working on income for when we are gone too. We have some ideas but nothing quite ready for publishing yet.

Saving money is the first priority. I just participated in a craft show today and made $200. We have another yard sale coming up next weekend. Did I tell you all that we are in the process of purging as much of our clutter as possible right now?

Okay, we need a goal. I will get back to you all on that.

More to come.

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