Saturday, November 6, 2010

Long Weekend in the Outer Banks, NC

We love being at the beach in the fall. This year with the school calendar the way it was and the fact that Election Day was just two days past Halloween we headed down for a long four day weekend. Boy did we have a good time. We really relaxed.

One thing that we were originally concerned with was Halloween and Trick or Treating. Our kids are still of the age where they enjoy trick or treating and we didn't want them to miss out on that fun. But since we would be at the beach in the off season and we weren't sure how many neighbors would be trick or treating also, nor did we know about other neighborhoods where we could go, we opted for Trunk or Treating.

I searched the internet and found that a local church down there would be offering trunk or treating, a carnival like atmosphere with games, activities, and bouncy things as well as free hot dogs and popcorn. So it sounded like a plan. On Halloween we hopped in the car in early afternoon and headed down the road a few miles to the church to check things out. We wanted to have enough time to come up with a plan B if we needed it. We drove by and they were setting up the bouncy things and they had a large area roped off for the event. So things were looking good. That evening after carving our own pumpkins:

Halloween 2010

Trunk or Treat 2010

We headed down to Trunk or Treat. We expected some people but were totally taken back by the number of people there.

Trunk or Treat 2010

We had to park down the street and walk a little bit back to the church. It was great though and well worth it. The cars were so well decorated and the people were so nice as we went through. The kids enjoyed the evening so well they asked if we could come back next year. Now that is a good sign!

Trunk or Treat 2010

They said the kids belonged at this car:

Trunk or Treat 2010

A pirate truck:

Trunk or Treat 2010

and a robot:

Trunk or Treat 2010

Very fun.

The next day we headed out on the beach for some honest to goodness salt air. It was chilly but we had a great family time.

Collecting seashells:

The find of the day.


And trying desperately to fly a kite:

Kite flying

Kite flying

Sea oats:

Sea oats

I love this guy!


And walking with my girls!


We were reluctant to come back home on Tuesday but the adult in us made us come home. We could live there forever if we could......ahhhhh to dream.....

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