Sunday, October 24, 2010

Touring our own Town--Richmond, VA

So many people forget to take a tour of their own town. We are included in this group. We travel so much but forget that Richmond, VA is a great place to be a tourist. We do go to the museums and utilize many of its cultural activities and places, but we have never taken a tour of the canal area downtown. My mother got a whole bunch of tickets really inexpensively and invited us to go along with her and her friends. The canal area has been really cleaned up in the past several years but the canal area has always been around.

In short we had a great time on the 40 minute little boat cruise of the canal area. The boat captain told us many things that I did not know, including that George Washington was the person who suggested that Richmond build a canal in the city. And they listened to him. We also learned that Richmond was known for its import of tea and we learned a lot about the tobacco export and the tobacco warehouses.

Richmond Canal Ride

It was such a beautiful day, warm but not hot.

Richmond Canal Ride

We really enjoyed ourselves.

Richmond Canal Ride

So an assignment to you -- go take a tour of your city. You may be surprised at what you learn.

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