Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Disney 2010 Part 1

This was our fourth year going to Disney World just before Christmas. We chose to go at Christmas time with the kids because of a couple reasons. One, we love Christmas and Disney World is completely decorated for Christmas. Two, the weather seems to be a bit cooler at this time of year, but it can be hit or miss. Some years we have had great weather (not too hot, not too cold), and other years it has been chilly or some days downright cold. Three, Dad slows down his business at this time and it is a perfect time for a vacation after working so hard through the summer and fall seasons. Four, for the first part of our vacation there are hardly any crowds which is so super nice. Okay, on to the trip.

This year we opted at the last minute to upgrade our stay to a hotel on site. We had originally planned to pull our trailer and stay in the campground. We got a better deal by staying in a hotel so we stayed at the Port Orleans-Riverside Hotel. We stayed there last year too.

The first day we arrived, checked into our hotel and then headed over to Epcot for some fun and dinner. This year we weren't as worried about making sure we rode all the rides and it was nice to just relax and enjoy some of the less popular parts of the parks. We will get to that later.

So here we are at Epcot.

Epcot 2010

We don't look too happy at this point but we will cheer up later.


We rode a couple rides and then headed over for dinner. We ate at the Beirgarten Restaurant in Germany. The food was great. It was a buffet and had a polka band for entertainment and a Christmas story for the kids. Everyone had fun. At this restaurant you sit at long tables and we were seated with another family from Michigan who was down for a work/vacation time. They had three cute little kids and we enjoyed talking with them.

See we are having fun now.

Showing off our pins

The kids wanted to get on with the pin trading so as we left we stopped and watched some of the fireworks and traded with cast members along our way home. Once back to the hotel we began our commensorate checking of the pin board in the Trading Post and then the requisite Mickey Ice Cream before heading back to our hotel room.

The second day found us at the Magic Kingdom.

I love this sign as you enter the park.

A plaque as you enter Magic Kingdom

We enjoyed riding all the rides we couldn't wait to ride (Buzz Lightyear, Big Thunder Mountain, and Goofy's Barnstormer) That evening we had dinner at the Plaza Restaurant and honestly we wouldn't go back to this one again. It is a 'typical' sandwich and ice cream shop and not worth wasting your table meal on it. Now if we were paying out of pocket we would definitely choose this place.

Here we are waiting and waiting for our table. The kids were tired and hungry at this point. But look how cool the fireworks are behind us. (We got the tip from a cast member who told us to snap a shot just at this time for a cool picture)

Fireworks behind us.

We stayed at Disney for 7 nights so there are lots more to come. Have you been to Disney yet? What is your favorite park?

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