Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Disney 2010 Part 2

We love Disney World. We love that when you step onto Disney property it is like you are transported (or at least we feel that way) to another alternate world. Not back in time but just in a world where there are not worries, no concerns, no problems. The biggest struggle you have is which fast pass to get first, or if you are going to fit on the bus with all the other 85,000 people who want to go where you are going. If that is the only worry, then you MUST be in Disney World.

Day three found us in The Animal Kingdom. This was the first year back to this park in three years. We went here our first year when the kids were little. Then we consentrated on the Safari ride, Pocahontas, and The Lion King show. We didn't even make it in to Asia or into the Tree of Life. This year we focused on Asia (Expedition Everest), the animal petting area, and then eating at Tusker House.

Disney Day 3

We saw the Tree of Life movie (It's hard to be a bug) but before we walked in we had to try on our bug eyes.

My bug-eyed girl

We also went to the petting zoo and were able to pet and walk around with the animals. Look what we found here:

Hidden Mickey at the petting area

Our Bean really enjoyed the petting area. She needed to be quiet with the animals. We have been running around so much that she just needed some time and she was in her element here. After that we ate dinner at the Tusker House. It was good. Again a buffet, but we don't mind eating to our hearts content.

When we left the park was closed and this is our favorite time because we can walk quietly without the crowds. We don't feel rushed and we can enjoy the scenery. As we left we decided to head over to Downtown Disney. We shopped and stopped to take pictures with our favorite characters.


And this Woody made out of Legos!!


Day three came to a close very late with three very very tired children.

Day four was spent at Hollywood Studios. We arrived and rode the required Toy Story 3 and did the Backstage Lot Tour. There was hardly anyone there in the park because when we woke up that morning it was pouring down rain. It was raining pretty hard. We donned our parkas and headed out anyway. We were so glad that we did because the parks are so enjoyable when there aren't so many crowds. By the time we arrived though the clouds had disappeared, well the rain had at least stopped and we were able to enjoy the park without getting too wet.

During the Backstage Tour we spotted the barn from Hannah Montana, the movie. Needless to say our Ladybug was quite excited and we took pictures in front of it.

Hannah Montana's Barn

Oh yes, Pickle decided it wasn't cool to pose in front of the barn. (shh, but secretly he liked it too)

Then we mosied on over to the Rock and Roll Roller Coaster and rode that ride. By the time we finished up there, got the required Mickey Ice Cream and and watched the street shows it was time for the Osborne Lights. We walked through the lights and watched them dance and dance. We sang along with the Christmas songs, searched for hidden Mickeys everywhere and traded pins with any cast member we saw. (oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that we had lunch at Pizza Planet and shopped too)

Look who we found too!

Monsters, Inc.

Next was dinner and fortunately for us it was right around the corner from the lights. We ate at the Sci-Fi Drive In Restaurant. Now this place is so much fun if you are into theme dining (which we are). You walk into the restaurant and you can't see any part of the restaurant at all. You only see the back of what looks like a big billboard. Then they take you into the restaurant area which looks JUST LIKE a drive in theater. They show old 1950's movie shorts and clips and commercials. The best part is that you sit in cars!! Yup, lookie here:

Sci-fi Drive In Restaurant

Crazy!! I know!!

The food was good and the service was by waiters who are on roller skates. So much fun!!

After dinner the Bean asked to return to the Osborne lights one more time so we did and she enjoyed watching them dance. Now the park was pretty much closed at this time so we pretty much had the park to ourselves again (BONUS!!) So we are walking up and down the street under the lights singing away, dancing away and pin trading with the cast members. We were talking with one cast member and the kids were trading with another when out of the corner of my eye I noticed that the Bean has two cast members dancing with her. She had such a great time!!! So we all danced and danced and then decided to start to head on back home. What a great way to end day 4.

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